From this page, you can download most of the documents required to obtain a bond.

A bond is NOT insurance. You are guaranteeing your work products and that you perform and complete the job according to specifications.

All of this needs to be completed to obtain a credit line with a bonding company. Along with the documents you can download from this page, we will need a complete copy of the Bid, Project Description, and Start & Completion Dates.

We will require a complete copy of the Contract for the final bond.

Bonds DO NOT occur overnight. Please be patient. Your personal credit is what a bonding company will review. This is just like getting a loan from a bank. It may take several weeks for a large bond. Also, the final Contract may have additional requirements that may mean going to other Bond Brokers.

1. Select the link below to download the Bond Documents required.

2. Save the .PDF document to your desktop. You can fill this out by computer, or print at home and fill out in pen.

3. Send the documents to Array Financial to begin the process of obtaining a bond.

Download Bond Packet

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