We welcome the opportunity to acquaint you with Array Financial Services Inc.  We are a Minneapolis based group of insurance advisors.   We are founded by professionals from national insurance brokerage houses, direct writers and insurance carriers.

Our company is compromised of highly qualified insurance professionals whose main goal is to succeed for our clients.  We are a local company with a national constituency of clients located in virtually every region of the country.

Our objective is to relieve your concerns regarding insurance coverage.  We do this through loss prevention analysis and by reviewing your insurance contracts.  When we go to the marketplace, we base everything we do from YOUR point of view.   We listen to your concerns, and then review your property, assets and coverage’s to identify and analyze your exposure to loss.  We will offer professional advice on an ongoing basis. We will help you find solutions to various business  & personal situations.

We are your one stop shop for all your insurance needs!

Our entire staff is dedicated to give you greater personalized attention, exceptional service, and a more effective representation.

Our current clients do business with us because they trust us.  We have demonstrated our integrity, our honesty, our creativity and our ability to represent them in today’s highly competitive insurance Market.


What Does Array Do?

We are an independent Full Service Insurance Agency.  If it can be lived in, driven in, or worked in, we can insure it. Whether it is Business insurance, including Workers Compensation and Bonds along with Personal coverage such as Home owners and Auto Insurance, or even Individual or Group health Insurance, Life Insurance or Disability…….We are your one stop shop, we answer our phones with a live human being and pride ourselves in making sure the client is taken care of in a quick and expeditious manner.  With over 30 years of experience, you really only need one number to call and that is us.

What is the difference between you and a captive such as American Family?

A captive company ONLY has their own products to sell.  Therefore the agent works directly for that company, when the rates go up or there is a problem with a claim, you are at the company’s mercy , a truly Independent Agency, represents you the customer. Independent agencies can shop prices and have a wider variety of products and services to suit an individuals needs whether it be for a Business or on a personal note.

What distinguishers us from the others?

We have over 30 years of experience and a very diverse group of employees. We try to treat all our clients with the same respect no matter how large or small their account is.  Each customer is on a first name basis with the entire staff.  We will find answers to even the most obscure needs.  Oh, did I mention we answer our phones. We have no limitations on where insurance can be issued.  We are generalists.

Specialize in?

On the personal insurance we specialize in accounts that have a Home and multiple vehicles and we can take care of all their toys too!  We do not have a limit on the value of a home and have been able to really help people out when they have been told by others that getting them insurance is impossible.

On the Commercial insurance side, we tend to write a lot of Contractors, generals and their  subs as well as any main street business and even those that are more difficult to insure, such as various clubs and non-profits, From manufacturing to restaurants, Boat dealers to anything involved with a truck or Auto (Couriers + Tow trucks and repair) to Director & Officers and Professional Liability coverages.